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Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation (HERC) Plant Services group was developed and designed to bring visibility and accountability to the entire equipment rental management process. Whether that includes HERC – owned Rental Equipment and Tools, Third-Party Equipment or Client-Owned Fleet, our focus is to provide a total asset management program that delivers the greatest value to our customers.


We not only support our Industrial clientele with the tools and equipment needed to get the job done, but also equip them with the technology to manage the equipment more cost-effectively. Through our e-SP® program, each account receives real-time information about how their rental equipment is being used, what their costs are and whether or not the rental equipment is being utilized effectively.

Equipment Rental

  • Most diverse fleet in the Industry
    • General Rental equipment
    • Specialty tools and pumps
    • Power generation & temperature control
  • Offshore Market specific equipment and tools
  • Specialized equipment to meet safety/usage requirements
  • Continuous fleet rotation program replacing older fleet
  • Capabilities including on-line ordering, reporting, and forecasting
  • Performance measurements to ensure value is being delivered
  • EDI and SAP interface capabilities
  • Customized solutions to meet all needs
  • Managed services capabilities providing single point of contact
  • Experience in working with both industrial organizations, as well as, contractors working within those environments

On-Site Rental Equipment

  • Matching asset capabilities to job needs
  • Improved jobsite efficiency by providing immediate service
  • Vital equipment on-site, reducing turnaround time

Equipment Rental

  • Acting as the single source supplier for all equipment rental management
  • On-site and off-site management capabilities
  • Avenue for complete outsourcing of rental equipment support
  • Fleet management services including true equipment rental utilization through GPS tracking

Ideally suited for shutdown and turnaround projects, Mobile Tool Rooms allow a customer full access to tools and supplies on an as needed basis. Combined with our (Industrial Turnaround Planner), which identifies over 1,000 critical tools and rental equipment typically needed in a turnaround, this level of service provides a complete program from start to finish for shutdown and turnaround projects.


The planner helps customers expedite the process of determining which tools and equipment are needed for the job. The tool room’s mobility will allow for a quick ramp-up and removal, as well as, the ability to customize the types of assets needed. These tool rooms can be manned, stocked and set-up to offer computer tracking ability using our exclusive rental tracking system.


Using bar code technology, this system tracks the tools and related information pertaining to the rental equipment. From this information, reports can be developed to provide more information for better budgeting, scheduling, costing by tool types, and customer user groups.


Please click on the Industrial Turnaround Planner icon below to download the file. Please review the following Instructions on how to download and complete our Planner before submitting to Plant Services.PLEASE NOTE: THE SOLE PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT PLANNER IS TO ASSIST YOU IN BUDGETING FOR YOUR EQUIPMENT NEEDS BASED UPON YOUR PROJECT’S SCHEDULE. THE PROJECT PLANNER DOES NOT RESERVE THE EQUIPMENT IDENTIFIED OR CREATE ANY CONTRACTUAL COMMITMENT ON THE PART OF EITHER PARTY. ALL EQUIPMENT IS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY AND ALL RENTAL RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Taxes and additional costs and or fees, such as refueling, Loss and Damage Waiver, and delivery are extra when applicable. All terms and conditions of the Hertz Equipment Rental contract will apply. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE PROJECT PLANNER TO SUBMIT TO HERTZ ANY BILLING INQUIRIES OR QUESTIONS/COMMENTS REGARDING YOUR ACCOUNT OR EQUIPMENT ALREADY IN YOUR POSSESSION.


For more information on Plant Services, please feel free to Contact Us via this website.