Quality Industrial and Construction Equipment Rental


The sole focus of Hertz Energy Services is to provide power and climate control engineered solutions to the customer. Whether it's a plant shutdown, a special event, a natural disaster or anything in between Hertz Energy Services has the capability to plan, size, mobilize and install a temporary solution almost anywhere in the world. The Hertz dedicated team is on standby 24/7 to engineer a full scale solution, customized to meet the full range of customer needs

State-of-the-Art Rental Equipment

Hertz Energy Services partners with leading industry manufacturers to guarantee our customers with the most up-to-date generator technology available. We also have implemented GPS and telematics on energy services equipment to manage fleet, monitor electrical systems, ensure peak fuel efficiency, as well as support and minimize any equipment downtime. We have the capability to parallel, peak shave and load share. Our energy services fleet is tier compliant and can provide DPF and SCR technology to meet any emissions regulations globally. We also have alternative energy power sources such as hybrid and natural gas generators.

  • Generators 2-2000kw Crawford Movie Silent tow plants and twin packs available
  • Cables and distribution
  • Transformers 15-5000kva medium/high voltage and isolation
  • Indirect fired, electric and surface heaters
  • Air Conditioning from 1ton to 500ton
  • Load banks 100kw to 5meg
  • Double wall Auxiliary fuel tanks 130-16000 gallon
Global Reach. One Stop Shop

As part of the Hertz Corporation, the Hertz Energy Services team can work simultaneously with our plant services, entertainment services, service pump, equipment rental, and Hertz rent-a-car divisions to offer a one stop shop that cannot be duplicated. Hertz Energy Services has over 60 locations globally and can offer a full range of services on 5 continents. Hertz continues to provide a premier rental experience each and every timeā€¦ and in turn wants to become your rental company of choice.

For more information on our Hertz Energy Services group, please feel free to Contact Us via this website.