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Moving dirt and other material in and out of a jobsite requires a reliable truck. Contact Hertz Equipment Rental for a wide variety of quality Dump Trucks, Box Dump Trucks, Flatbed Trucks, Pick-up Trucks, 1 Ton Pick-up Trucks, 1/2 Ton Pick-up Trucks, 3/4 Ton Pick-up Trucks, Stakebody Trucks, Flatbed Stakebody Trucks, Trailers, Cargo/ Box Trailers, Equipment Trailers, Storage Trailers, Tool Trailers, Truck Attachments, Water Trailers, and Water Trucks. Choose from various bed lengths, capacities, cab configurations and tow packages from manufacturers like Ford, F150, F250, F350, GMC, Chevrolet, JCB, Deere, Case, International, EZ Dumper, Trail King, JLG, Vermeer, Spinnaker, Waterfront and Wylie.