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Purchase Options


If so, it pays to plan ahead. Before you rent, consider whether owning the equipment would be cost-effective for your business. Ask your Hertz Equipment Rental representative to compare the cost of renting the equipment for the term during which you need it, to the cost of a Rent-to-Own/Rental Purchase Option program. You will see that in many cases you can own for less than the price of long-term renting.

RTO: Rent-to-Own

With RTO, you can own the small equipment you rely on each day — with the added convenience of spreading your cost over four payments. See below for the Program Details and Benefits and see if RTO works for you.

  • Rent-to-Own (RTO) applies to equipment $7,000 and under.
  • Make only a small down payment and three monthly installments - and the equipment is yours to keep!
  • The savings are already built in when you buy equipment from Hertz Equipment Rental. Just rent and apply rental dollars to your purchase.
  • RTO can make buying even easier and more affordable than financing. This simple transaction will be calculated by the branch allowing you to see if RTO is right for you.
  • RTO allows you to put your money towards purchasing equipment the same money that you would have spent on renting the piece anyway is now applied to owning the equipment.
  • RTO is available for new and used equipment. Hertz equipment is an authorized dealer for several manufacturers including Multiquip, Wacker, Target and many more.
RPO: Rental Purchase Option

With RPO, you can “try before you buy” - while building equity towards ownership of equipment! See below for the Program Details and Benefits and see if RPO works for you.

  • Rental Purchase Option (RPO)
    applies to all equipment.
  • The RPO period extends up to 12 months.
    A percentage of your rental payments made during that time accrues towards the purchase of the equipment.1
  • You are not obligated to complete the RPO contract and take ownership of the equipment. If the piece does not meet your needs, or you decide that renting is more cost-effective for you, you may return the equipment and cancel the RPO at any time, with no penalty.2
  • You may also exercise your option to buy the equipment at any time during the RPO period. Just pay the remaining balance and the equipment is yours - with no early termination penalty.
  • Save money on maintenance! Hertz Equipment Rental can help maintain RPO contracted equipment for the entire rental / purchase period. This small fee is built into the RPO if chosen.
  • RPO makes buying equipment easier, more affordable and you are able to purchase the equipment over time.
  • Put your dollars you would have spent on renting towards owning the equipment you use.

1. Up to 80% of your rental fee becomes equity towards purchase. 2.Monthly purchase option payments will not be refunded.

Certain restrictions may apply, please contact your local branch for details.